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Jan 14, 2013 7:00pm PST
for the economy, and even an economic catastrophe for which republicans were blamed would still be an economic catastrophe. and i think sometimes people forget there are obligations that go beyond being [ overlapping speakers ] >> -- liberal. >> jennifer: yes, in his press conference he made it clear he is not going to concentrate on the debt ceiling. and made it easy to understand reasons why we're not going to negotiate, when we have already acquired the services but i will say i completely agree with you, all of those people who say if he just gets them in a room and has them in there without food or water long enough they'll cave or if he waives his magic wand clearly they will bengd. >> it's like the green lantern theory. i think he's going to have to end up making recessions. you can decide not to negotiate with the terrorist, but then they are going to kill the hostage. once you are negotiating with terrorists you are negotiating terrorists, you can say i am negotiating with terrorists but not about that. that's not how it works. i think obama has won every stan
Jan 16, 2013 3:00pm PST
for impeachment, imagine what kind of trouble he would get in if he actually fixed the economy or brought about world peace. alan grayson is here, and welcome back inside "the war room" and welcome back to congress. i know i'm a little late saying it, but welcome back. >> thanks i gave a speech about that scenario if the participate brought about world peace, and i said the republicans would accuse him of ruining the military. >> jennifer: do you agree that the executive branch has some degree of authority. >> it's interesting that they want to impeach him before he said what the executive orders were. but as long as they can't impeach him for being black, he is really not in any danger. [ laughter ] >> jennifer: so what are -- what are central floridians telling you about -- i mean this gun issue is very hot today. are you hearing from people in florida about assault weapons versus gun show loopholes? what are you hearing? >> there are a small number of people who are absolutely bent on avoiding any sort of gun control, and we do a lot of polling locally, and there is a
Jan 15, 2013 7:00pm PST
and governments not worried about the impact of their local economy the attention impact on water supplies those days are never. >> let me just ask you because we only have a minute left. many people in the energy community,ness with an interest for energy renewable energy is concerned, do you see that as a problem? >> well, this is where someone like president obama needs to actually have an overarching energy policy. it's easy to say all of the above. but it's pretty clear if you like to have more research--not just renewables, but more basic research and development investment on energy. if you have cheap natural gas it blunts that interest as well. you need to be able to sustain advance the next generation that we'll need town the line. >> jennifer: all right, we need leadership and policy. this will be a very interesting second term item. andrew revkin trying to sort out fact from fiction from the. thank you so much for joining us frommed in "the war room." coming up, guaranteed to enlighten the progressive mind and then one other story by brett erlich. >> coming up, ana romney this monday
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)